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** I am trash ** Brit living in Germany. Apparently I write now? Topics include; sobriety, life, philosophy and mindfulness.


One in eight American adults now meet the diagnostic criteria for alcohol use disorder

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The top five toxic lies that alcohol will tell you

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“I don’t care if you drink, so why do you care if I don’t? “

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Maybe you should have a nap instead?

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Fear of missing out is a big driving factor that keeps many drinking. Realise you can still have fun in sobriety.

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Stop saying you’ll try, be confident in your decisions

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Whether you’re alcohol-free or sober curious, there’s a podcast out there waiting for you

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Sober Curious

Stop messing around online, you’re only playing yourself

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Vizzy claims it is a “healthy” hard seltzer with Antioxidants, a claim that is hard to believe.

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A recent study finds that stress and lack of sleep causes symptoms resembling concussion

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Liam Magnus

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