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** I am trash ** Brit living in Germany. Apparently I write now? Topics include; sobriety, life, philosophy and mindfulness.


One in eight American adults now meet the diagnostic criteria for alcohol use disorder

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The top five toxic lies that alcohol will tell you

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Hangover (n.) The resounding feeling of death one feels upon awakening after a heavy night

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“I don’t care if you drink, so why do you care if I don’t? “

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Drinking is fun and games until alcohol ruins your life

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Talking is faster than writing, learn how you can use this to your advantage

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Yep, I’m as surprised as you are!

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No matter how you feel, rain or shine, turn up and bloody work, regardless of if you’re motivated or not

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How does the body create bigger stronger muscles?

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Last month I broke into the $100 club. Now what?

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