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** I am trash ** Brit living in Germany. Apparently I write now?


One in eight American adults now meet the diagnostic criteria for alcohol use disorder

Chances are you’ll feel attacked by this article. If you do, then there’s a high probability you may have a drinking problem.

Imagine an alcoholic. Is it a homeless person, passed out on a bench, an empty bottle thrown to the side?

Now flip the script. There’s a person sitting in front of their TV. They have a lovely house, solid career, family. This person also drinks (almost) every day. What do you think, is this person an alcoholic? Maybe this person is you.

Society has told you the latter is normal, that it is acceptable. Adverts and movies have…


The demon of addiction always wins

Alcohol only numbs the inevitable pain of life. The demon of addiction always wins.

Whether this is physical or psychological, everyone must suffer at some point in their life. Self-medicating with alcohol is never the answer; as many as 28 percent of people use alcohol to alleviate their suffering.

Why are you running away, are you trying to escape?

If so, then you may well have spent the majority of your life drinking. In the end, addiction controls you, and the pain remains. Remember, alcohol is only a temporary solution, it doesn’t fix long-term problems. …

Being time rich is the new definition of success

I believed that if I worked hard, I would find success and happiness. Instead, I saw darkness and depression. Grinding my way to the top only led me down a path of self-destruction. In the end, suicide seemed like the only way I could escape.

There was another option. Quit my job and move halfway across the world. I mean, if it all went to shit, I could still kill myself. So I figured I may as well try.

It’s been almost a year now, and my frame of mind changed massively. Quitting my job has made me realise there’s…

“Thanks for making me the richest person in the world”

In a somewhat comical and cringe-worthy Interview, Bezos thanks Amazon customers and employees for making his space trip possible.

“I want to thank every Amazon employee and every Amazon customer because you guys paid for all this — Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
It’s as if he can’t see how heartless this is. Thanking everyone for this moment in my life, it doesn’t matter that people struggle to pay the bills or die due to COVID. …

No, it’s absolutely not a gendered issue.

In this weeks episode of men do everything wrong, we look at sexist planes.

“Female passengers tend to be disaccommodated more by seat width [on planes] because women on average tend to have wider hip breaths.”

Yes, that’s right, planes are designed with men’s comfort in mind. Therefore they are sexist.

I mean, fuck me, what’s next? Toilet seats were invented to oppress women.

Can we all agree that plane seats are shit by design? Trust me; there is not a group of engineers designing planes saying, “you know what, women have wider hips than men, let’s reduce the seat…

Alcohol lies to you by distracting you from reality

Alcohol is a pathological liar embedded in your life, like a thorn in your side that needs to be removed. It is the distraction you no longer need, like a fuck boy that needs to leave.

In the company of alcohol, you feel safe. As you become drunk, comfort creeps in as your worries slip away. Everyone loves the distraction alcohol gives them; it is why everyone ignores the toxic lies alcohol tells them.

Drinking alcohol is somewhat similar to dating a narcissist. When the relationship starts, it is beautiful, full of laughter and joy. Over the years, the relationship…

Maybe I don’t want to, I’m selfish.

“You must write with the reader in mind.”

Yeah, it’s always about “you”, isn’t it. There’s no time for me anymore. Yes, it’s my story, but I still have to write about “you”. Maybe I want to be selfish for once. Why the hell are you so bloody selfish? Are you really that important?

We’re told that the reader will get confused if we writers don’t use the correct pronoun. If we fail to use this correct pronoun, the reader won’t understand the message we are trying to convey.

When an article states, “I did” or “I felt”, is it…

The aftermath of the England VS Italy match has left many in shock

First UEFA said “fuck you” to the LGBTQ community. Then England fans said “fuck you” to anyone who’s not white.

Racist England has awoken since its loss to Italy last night, showing that football is not as unified as I thought. But in reality, racism really never left England; there was always a white elitist fog shrouding the country.

I thought we were making progress towards equality; I thought we were slowly breaking the racists down, making them realise the error of their ways.

Why aren’t they ashamed?

I know I’m ashamed to even be English right now; I no…

It would save a lot of headaches for new and old readers alike

I’m getting bored of the same articles on my newsfeed. No matter what, I change my preferences, and I still get those make money quick articles. I haven’t read any of these for months now; I’ve been actively avoiding them. Now, as last month has finished and the next bonus is imminent, I’m preparing for the next wave of “I got the bonus three times in a row”, “how to get the next bonus”, “I’m sad because I wrote one article and didn’t get the bonus”. Etc. Etc. You know the deal. I don’t want to see my newsfeed filled…


Alcohol may be one of the main reasons you can’t reach your weight loss goals

Alcohol and health. Two words that don’t belong in the same sentence.

Yet most dieting websites will give you a comprehensive list of reasons why alcohol is bad. Then follow up with the “top 10 alcohols to drink whilst dieting”. Don’t you think that the logic here is backwards?

Society protects alcohol even when talking about dieting and health. Even when boozing causes health issues such as; metabolic disturbances, interrupted sleep patterns and can even disrupt sex hormones. These alone will blow your fitness goals out of the water. …

Liam Magnus

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